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Build the leading music metaverse ecosystem

We’re developing an ecosystem of products that will help artists and fans express their ideas, showcase their fandom and connect in new ways. Decentralized, interoperable modules sit at the heart of our network and connect artists’ IP to a growing ecosystem of integrations.
Our approach is centered around
interactive and interoperable formats.
A new layer of experience

Reimagining music potential

At Pixelynx, we’re moving beyond linear entertainment to reimagine how artists and fans share music experiences and create moments of immense cultural impact. For many, the metaverse is the future of the internet. For us, it’s a place where human connection meets art and self expression meets community.

Our platform will fundamentally reimagine how music and gaming is experienced in the digital world, giving artists and fans a blank canvas to experiment and create new meaning.

Collaboration without limits

Bridging worlds to build the new baseline

We’re forging groundbreaking partnerships with the worlds of gaming, music and blockchain to join the dots between currently fragmented systems and technologies.

Our goal: create the most cohesive music metaverse that puts creators and fans at the heart of the ecosystem. Shaping the future of music creates a unique opportunity for technology. One which has the potential to reconfigure the rules of the game and revolutionize modern business practices.

A paradigm shift for creators

Creating new monetization mechanics that fuel the future of the music industry

In this creator-first economy, artists, fans and brands alike can maximize their creative and economic potential whilst maintaining full ownership over their content.

This will fundamentally reimagine the music model in the digital space - democratizing the experience for all and creating limitless opportunities for new forms of value and experience.


the future of interactive music experiences

The combination of Web3, gaming, UGC and AI will completely transform the music industry. New formats, business models and platforms are driving a renaissance in creativity.

Unrestricted. Uninhibited.
Never static.

Interactive Music Ecosystem

PIXELYNX was founded by Richie Hawtin and Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5, along with music and gaming industry heavyweights Ben Turner, Dean Wilson and metaverse visionary, Inder Phull.
We believe the metaverse will unlock new formats of music consumption that have the potential to transform the industry and open new revenue streams for artists.


“We will see a whole new generation of artists born in the metaverse. Over the next decade this technology will become part of every release, ticketing, merchandise and fan club strategy.


“Ignoring this new medium is like being late to e-commerce or social media. The metaverse is coming; embrace it and re-imagine what it means to connect with your fans.”

Inder Phull

"A few years ago, an artist would only have access to a small set of tools to express and monetize their vision. The intersection of music, gaming, AI, UGC and Web3 will completely transform this paradigm. It's only a matter of time before we see the real potential of music.”


"We're entering a new paradigm in the music industry. Transparency and fair revenue models are the foundations of the future."


"Web3 is a totally new space, and with that comes totally new opportunities. The door is wide open, you just need to step inside."

Unrestricted.Uninhibited.Never static.

An Animoca Brands Company
We are building an ecosystem of products that are pushing the boundaries of interactive media in music. PIXELYNX is an Animoca Brands company. Collectively we are developing new interactive formats of music that can be distributed across the metaverse.
Nurturing a new ecosystem driven by fan-created content.


We support and partner with companies that are shaping the future of music. Our ecosystem gives you access to funding, technology, artists and major brand integrations.
Join an ecosystem of partners that are building at the intersection of music, gaming, AI, UGC and Web3.